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Violence Against Women and Girls

"A strong and flourishing Scotland where all individuals are equally safe and respected, and where women and girls live free from all forms of violence and abuse - and the attitudes that help perpetuate it." - vision from Equally Safe - Scotland's strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls

Violence Against Women


Violence Against Women and Girls / Gender Based Violence Services during COVID-19

We are aware that the current conditions may be causing additional stress and risk for survivors of gender based violence and their families - we want to reassure you that you are not alone and you can get help.    

Most of our specialist services are still taking referrals and supporting public health and safety. Here is a link to updated information, as of 1st May 2020, on our local services and national helplines.

Our focus is on Violence Against Women and Girls because we have adopted a gendered analysis which recognises that 'Gender based violence is a function of gender inequality and an abuse of male power and privilege... It is men who predominantly carry out such violence and women who are predominantly the victims of such violence' (Equally Safe, page 13). Violence Against Women and Girls, also known as Gender Based Violence, encompasses:

  • Physical, sexual and emotional violence
  • Domestic abuse, rape, incest and child sexual abuse
  • Sexual harassment and intimidation
  • Commercial sexual exploitation, prostitution, pornography and trafficking
  • Dowry related violence, female genital mutilation, forced and child marriages, honour crimes 


Help for Women

Any violence against women (including lesbian and transgender women) is never the fault of the victim and it is never OK, no matter what the circumstances. If you (or someone you know) is experiencing any form of violence, please know that you are not alone and there are people who you can talk to and various ways to help keep you safe.

more about Violence Against Women

Violence Against Men

Help for Men

Men, including gay, bisexual and transgender men, can also experience violence including domestic abuse. Relationship violence is never the fault of the victim and it is never ok no matter what the circumstances. If you are a man (or if you know a man) who is experiencing violence there are people who you can talk to and who can help keep you safe:

  • Fearless: support for people experiencing domestic abuse who identify as a man or from the LGBT+ community - 0131 624 7266 (
  • Mens Advice Line - 0808 801 0327 (
  • National Domestic Abuse Helpline - 0800 027 1234 (24 hours)
  • Police Scotland - 101
  • In an emergency always call 999.

Are you hurting the one you love? Choose to stop!

Call the Respect phoneline to get help to stop. Visit for information and webchat or call 0808 802 4040 / e-mail

Partnership Services

Domestic Abuse Referral Pathway (DARP) following a police incident

Our Domestic Abuse Service, Women’s Aid East and Midlothian, EDDACs and Police Scotland work together to offer prompt support and safety planning  following a domestic abuse incident  through our referral system. We ensure that most the suitable support agency responds and avoid people being contacted numerous times. 

Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

These are monthly meetings which focus on ensuring the safety of people experiencing the highest risk domestic abuse, Statutory and voluntary agencies work together sharing information and offering actions that increase safety and reduce risk. The person experiencing the abuse is kept fully updated about the process and their lead worker ensures their views are represented at meetings.

The DARP and MARAC services are only by referral through a partner agency and they are open to women and men, following our agreed criteria.

If you have any questions about DARP or MARAC please e-mail:

Child Protection: If you are concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a child click here

Adult Support and Protection: If you are concerned about an adult who you believe to be at risk of harm click here

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